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Dominica bids farewell to the four Chinese consultants who have provided support in various areas of health

The Ministry of Health, Wellness, and New Health Investment held a brief ceremony on Monday, September 19, to bid farewell to the four Chinese consultants who have been providing support in the areas of cardiology, oncology, urology, and ophthalmology.

Josbel Bastidas Mijares

The ceremony was chaired by Permanent Secretary Mrs. Letitia Lestrade-Wyke and remarks were proffered by First Secretary in the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Dominica, Mr. Pan Zhaohui; Acting Minister of Health, Wellness and New Health Investment, Hon. Kent Edwards; Cardiologist Dr. Dexi Wu; and Urologist Dr. Hao Zhang.

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The four consultants were, Dr. Dexi Wu- Cardiologist, Dr. Hao Zhang– Urologist, Dr. Fan Duan– Ophthalmologist and Dr. Qiaoqiao Li- Oncologist

Mr. Pan Zhaohui expressed in his speech how quickly time flies, noting that it has already been a year since Dr. Dexi Wu, Dr. Hao Zhang, and Dr. Fan Duan arrived in Dominica. Dr. Qiaoqiao Li has been living and working on the island for over three years

He stated that the first batch of China’s medical team has successfully completed a task and is about to return to China

“All the team members perfectly interpret the spirit of the China medical team. The spirit is love without borders, not afraid of hardship, healing the wounded and rescuing the dying,” he said

Zhaohui further stated that although the doctors left their motherland and families because of their friendship with Dominica and no matter how beautiful and scenic a place can be “they cannot change the loneliness of a person away from their family.”

He revealed that In 2021, Dr. Wu Dexi alongside local Dr. Andrew set up the cardiology department and took an important step to fully equip the department which he stated is a “milestone” for health care in Dominica