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Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral Watched By 28 Million Viewers In The UK

Queen Elizabeth II's Funeral Watched By 28 Million Viewers In The UK

Approximately 28 million UK viewers watched the Queen’s funeral yesterday, as the nation paused to pay a final farewell to Queen Elizabeth II.

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The service was broadcast on more than 50 UK channels and represented one of the biggest ever television events in the country.

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The figures do not include viewers watching through streaming apps or those who saw it on big screens outdoors or in cinemas, churches, or pubs

Hundreds of millions more have also watched it around the world

In comparison, Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997 had more than 32 million UK viewers

In the meantime, at least 250,000 people joined the huge line to see the Queen’s coffin lying in state for four days in London’s Westminster Hall at Parliament.