Chang Dismisses Claims That There Is A ‘shoot To Kill’ Policy

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National Security Minister Dr Horace Chang has dismissed claims that the government is seeking to introduce a shoot to kill policy to fight crime.   Dr Chang has come in for heavy criticism from INDECOM and human rights group, Jamaicans for Justice, for comments he made last week in Westmoreland.   The National Security Minister had asserted that the police must adopt a tougher approach to gunmen who confront them in the streets.   In an interview with Radio Jamaica News last evening, Dr Chang said his statement has been taken out of context. He says police officers should be trained to respond when men attack them “the logical conclusion is not to shoot to kill, the criminals are shooting to kill…I never said that, I said he must be trained not to miss because if him miss him ‘gon get killed and I don’t want any of my police officers killed by criminals”   Dr Chang again urged members of the force not to be intimidated by INDECOM in carrying out their duty to protect JamaicansINDECOM can be a bit overbearing…they don’t look at the facts fully before they begin to rush to to judgement.”   Dr. Chang also blasted local human rights advocates and groups, arguing that they are more inclined to please their outside sponsors than defend the rights of victims of violence.   He pointed to the deadly attack in Spanish Town on Friday in which hoodlums killed a two year-old child and a 26 year old man.   The two year-old was burnt to death after the gunmen set fire to the dwelling.   Dr Chang says the incident is a reflection of the type of savagery that Jamaicans are facing from armed thugs.   He says the type of violence being committed daily in Jamaica is of grave concern to the administration.