Machete Attack Leaves One Dead, Another Wounded In Red Hills

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  A man is dead and another wounded after they were attacked this morning by a man said to be of unsound mind in Red Hills, St. Andrew.   The deceased is Phillip Bennett, otherwise called Dolphus, a construction worker of Walkers Hill.   The man who carried out the attack is in police custody.   The incident occurred about 7 o’clock in the vicinity of a bar.   It’s reported that Mr. Bennett was walking along the road when he was approached by the accused, who chopped him on the neck.   The police were alerted about the incident after another man, who was chopped on the shoulder, ran to the Red Hills Police Station.   He is being treated at hospital.   The police say when they entered the community, the accused man was seen running with a machete towards a woman.   Several warning shots were fired and he was accosted and taken into custody.   Mr. Bennett was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.   Red Hills resident, Valerie Cooper, said the two men as well as the accused are well known in the area.   She said she spoke with the accused a few days prior to the incident about the dangers of him walking around with a machete.    According to her, it was something he always did, but because she knew him to be epileptic, she urged him to be careful because “you can fall on it (the machete) and hurt yourself”.    She said he took her warning with a smile.    But she could not account for what might have caused him to act out so violently just days later, suggesting it must have been “some demons or something come over him this morning”.